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Mikey V's

Mikey V's "Texas Ex's"

Mikey V's "Texas Ex's"

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Hey Chili heads! You asked for it, now you got it! Mikey V's Texas Ex's is a delicious, vinegar based-shelf stable salsa, that has 7 different peppers, along with roasted tomatoes, fresh onions, and garlic along with some spices. Jalapenos, Habaneros, Red Fresno, Scotch Bonnets, Yellow Moruga Scorpions, Bhut Jolakia-Ghost Peppers, Brown Moruga Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, are the peppers responsible for this capsaicin frenzy. It's packed with heat, but there is still plenty of flavor! The salsa that bites back! Texas Ex's placed second in the Austin Hot Sauce Festival 2014-Judge's Category. Great with Eggs, pork, chicken, beef, soups, pizza, carnitas tacos, burritos, fish tacos etc.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Distilled Vinegar, Purified Water, onions, kosher salt, jalapeno, red jalapeno, habanero, yellow scotch bonnet, bhut jolakia-ghost pepper, Yellow Moruga Scorpions, and Brown Moruga Trinidad Scorpion Peppers.

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